Double Trouble

aw_doubletroubleNobody likes to loose an animal and predation is never pretty. That said, it is necessary it’s called earning a living. A predator like a grizzly is genetically programmed for ungulates in general. It’s called survival.

While gathering one day up high amongst the ridges, the fellow I was following spotted a carcass under some spruce bows. Large predators will quite often attempt to hide a kill from scavengers while they feed off of it for a number of days.

While Lynn got off to get the tag number, I was left to have a good look around, not that it would have done either of us much good. A grizzly can cover the length of an average city lot in about three seconds. The way I got it figured, if you are lucky enough to see it coming, that is just about enough time for most us to kiss our horse’s ass good by.

In this case the carcass wasn’t much more than hide and hair. However, when the wind is blowing and you can’t hear, sight lines are poor, and somebody else’s dinner is on the plate, it is a good time to leave the rest of the adventure to a painting.