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bio Alberta Artist, Patrick Landes paints what he knows. Cowboy art and western paintings, and the Alberta ranchlands.

In 1993, after twenty years in the applied arts, Patrick Landes had the good fortune to begin re-acquainting himself with Alberta’s ranching community. The Alberta Rangeland Calendar is a manifestation of this exposure.

The other manifestation of this re-acquaintance is in his paintings. Since much of what happens while “cowboying” is not apt to be successfully captured in the photographic medium, Patrick has reverted to painting as his chosen medium of expression.

A rigorous career of informal study has given Patrick a solid understanding of the value of proficient technical and aesthetic representation.

Technically, his preferred medium is oil paints on canvas.

Aesthetically, his interests are the works of Charles M. Russell, Edward Borein and Jack King.

Painting full time, with work now hanging in both private and corporate collections, Patrick is motivated by horizons limited only to the scope of his imagination and hard earned miles of firsthand experience.

He seeks to accurately portray the visual language of open range, good horses, smart dogs, tough cattle, and even tougher people: an environment that is now all but lost. His portrayals, of the color, tradition and romance of the contemporary west, are certainties in description couched in artistic probability.