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featureBig western skies featuring monumental landscapes of wind blown prairie, high mountain peeks, rushing waters, radiant light and cow people earning their living at ranching, cowboying and rangeland stewardship are the focused content of Patrick Landes’s passion for the West, its art, and its life styles.

With a heritage native to the high plains of North America and, holding hard earned experience of the cowboy way of life, of man’s relationship to opinionated horses, aggressive cattle, ominous skies and formidable landscapes; Patrick Landes paints the culture and traditional aspects of today’s west. A world born of light, color, action and sublime beauty witnessed by few other than working cowboys. In celebrating the little changed Vaquero way of life, as manifested in the contemporary cowboy’s cowboy, Patrick seeks to portray the skillful working of horses, dogs and cattle by current masters of their trade, exercising unbelievable subtleties of communication.

Studying Master works by artists such as Russell, Borein, Rungius and Wyeth as well as current members of Cowboy Artists of America and the fine western art other leading western artists, Patrick Landes has developed a style that clearly demonstrates romance and authenticity. The kind of content sought by serious art collectors and fans of the western genre alike.

Cowboy-up, browse and discover new art. Be pleasantly surprised with the unusual, captured in lifelike detail, as Patrick works to blend creative composition with imagination to capture in high quality, representational paintings, the muscular anatomy of figurative pieces within landscapes of rugged majesty, billowing clouds and timeless wild west, environmental landscapes.